Our team

Let’s meet the team of the GHSat CanSat team!

Bence Szabó

Bence is the most enthusiastic space nerd on the team. As the team leader, he would coordinate the team’s efforts during the competition. He has experience in social outreach as well: he is the editor of one of the largest Hungarian-language space news websites in Slovakia. He is eager to promote our mission on as many platforms as possible and to inspire younger generations to get interested in spaceflight and the Cansat-competition.

Zsombor Doncs

Zsombor is the “programming genius” on our team. As an experienced programmer and coder, he would oversee the software development during the project. He likes mathematics, so he would be eager to help out the risk assessment and data analysis side of the mission as well. 

Ferenc Molnár

Ferenc likes programming and he would like to continue his later studies in the field of software engineering. With Zsombor, he would work on the software that would run our sensors, and subsystems: basically the whole “brain” of our cansat.

Bence Ferenczi

Bence is oriented toward mathematics and physics. He volunteered to complete our risk assessments and analyse the measurement data that would be collected by our sensors. As the youngest member of our team, he would carry on the torch of the Cansat building tradition in our school, and we hope that he could build a bridge between our senior team and the younger students in the future.

Dávid Dóczé

Dávid volunteered to take up the job of testing lead. He would oversee the hardware testing processes of our Cansat including our mission-critical systems like recovery and structural testing.

Barnabás Juhász

Barnabás is the hardware-oriented person in our team: he likes to work with electronic devices and various gadgets, and is eager to put his at work to build our can-sized satellite. His main roles include integrating the satellite bus and the overview of the design of the subsystems.

We believe that our mission can be a great example for the youth to take up challenges. As Slovakia is the newest Associate Member of the European Space Agency, we think that it would be a great occasion to enter this competition. 

Regardless of the talent in the team, we all believe that teamwork is one of the greatest assets in our hands, and future successes can only be achieved only if we work together.

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