Development update #2: Hello world!

After a winter break full of online discussions, planning, and some Christmas time, we are back with renewed vigour to continue our project.

As our title suggests, we have managed to bring our onboard computer to life and we have already passed the first tests/trials of the communication module. So far everything is going well and we have managed to meet the deadlines we set ourselves. The first tests of the CanSat kit were carried out by Zsombor.

The communication system consists of two main elements: a module that will travel on our CanSat, and another of the same type that will be connected directly to a computer. The two systems will also be equipped with their separate antennae so that GHSat will be able to transmit real-time telemetry and scientific data to the ground station using signals in the UHF (decimetre wave) band.

The next few days will focus on an important meeting to present our project to ESA representatives. There will also be an important announcement, so be sure to follow our social pages and website.

Stay tuned for the next development update!

The first tests of the communications system. Photo: Zsombor Doncs

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